Wedding Video

I like to put images to music, and am, I think, pretty good at it!
That’s essentially what you’re getting when you get your wedding shot by me, a unique record of your day.
I don’t work to a stencil, you won’t find my website covered in videos that look just like yours.
You can have as much or as little creative input as you like, (I will go in to detail on this when we speak!)
I will shoot your wedding from as early as you like until I drop (usually about 10:30pm)
I will then take a minimum of a month to edit and deliver a rough cut of something unique.


  • Oliver Arscott,

    "Too many tears before we've had our morning coffee! Justine was going before the 2:00 mark. Simon you've done an absolutely astonishingly good job. You captured our day exactly as we wanted it to be - we can't thank you enough, but I'm going to try. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"